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The Kam Wah Chung collections contain over 60,000 items that have been gathered, preserved and recorded.


From this page you may access photos in three areas.  Click on the links to go to that page.




 historic & restoration



 letters, business records, herbal prescriptions



 home & business items, herbal materials





Below is a slide show of pictures about documenting & recording the archival materials.  Also included are photos from a 2005 archaeological dig next to Kam Wah Chung.





























Chinese Mining Cabin Archaeological Dig,  Summer, 2014


In July, 2014, the U.S. Forest Service, Blue Mountain Ranger District of the Malheur Forest conducted an in depth archaeological dig of a Chinese mining cabin about 20 miles east of John Day, Oregon & Kam Wah Chung. While not directly related to KWC, these types of Chinese settlements were common throughout this region.  These people were patients of Doc Hay and business customers of Lung On.


The photos below are from that dig.  Click on Chinese Mining Cabin Dig  for more photos & detailed information on the dig from the U.S. Forest Service.































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