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There are approximately 20,000 documents in the collections.  They include business records, personal letters, herbal formulations, patient information and books on medicine, divination and the secret societies, or triads.


Most of the documents are in classical Chinese.  Translation of the Chinese documents has been sporadic and piecemeal over the years.  We are currently developing an overall plan to systemically translate these materials.  This will require years of work & major fundraising.  The results will deepen our understanding of the inner workings of Kam Wah Chung and the lives of Ing Hay & Lung On.


A few of these documents are in English.  Click on the titles below to view samples of these translations.  They provide interesting insight into the family and business concerns of both men and the Chinese community in this region and their families in China.





Translations from Chinese


Ing I-tung to Ing Hay 1903 from cousin in China


Hsia-pin-lia to Ing Hay 1903 from father in China


Chu-chia to Lung On  1899 from father in China


Ah Juck to Lung On 1907 from friend in Monument, OR


Ing Yu-li to Wen-teh 1896 from Hong Kong


Kuang Yao-nan to Ing Hay  1897 from Sumpter, OR


Li Pau-lai to Ing Hay 1919? from Baker City, OR


Wing Hing Yuan Company 1909 Baker City, OR business contract


Father to Yu-hsiao 1918 from China


Hueng Shao-chu to Ing Yu-hsiao 1923 from Vancouver, B.C.


Ing Hay to Yu-po 1895


Liang Lu-shou to Lung On 1906 from Seattle, WA


Lao Chi-kwang to Ing Hay  1905 from an herbalist in Portland, OR


Tsung-wen to Ah Hsiang 1896






F. S. Johnson to Ing Hay  1905 request for herbs


Long Creek letter 1905 request for herbs


Herbs for eye condition letter 1905 request for herbs




Herbal Prescriptions


There are 1,540 prescriptions & formulas written in a cursive, classical Chinese by brush.  The links below connect samples of these prescriptions, some with a photo of the document with possible translations of herbal ingredients.



Formula 7.347


Formula 5


Formula 7


Formula 487


Formula 1


Formula 2


Formula 11







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