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There are many ways to support the efforts of the Friends of Kam Wah Chung.


The Kam Wah Chung Museum is a state heritage site operated and maintained by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.  OPRD takes care of the daily operations, staffing, physical plant and maintenance.


The Friends of Kam Wah Chung is a non-profit 501c3 organization run by volunteers whose mission is to provide public access, educate and inform future generations about the importance of the Chinese immigrants whose influence and contributions helped define the culture and history of the American West.


The Friends organize special events, write grants, do fundraising, publish books and videos and operate the gift shop in the interpretive center.  Donations made at KWC and online, proceeds from gift shop sales, and all fundraising efforts go toward our mission.



Time and Energy Contributions


In addition to financial donations, we welcome the donation of your time. You may volunteer as an Oregon State Park Host or with the Friends of KWC.  Click on How to Volunteer for more information.


Another valuable donation of your time is promoting our website through your social networks (facebook, twitter, linked in, or anything else you are involved in).  We are not a very tech savvy organization, nor do we have a large budget for advertising.  Any mention of, or links to, our website is an extremely valuable donation to our work.  We appreciate it!




Financial Donations


Contributions made to the Friends of Kam Wah Chung are tax deductible.  These donations go into our general fund to support all of our activities, or may be specified for a specific project.


You may donate directly while visiting the museum, interpretive center, or by mail (click on Contact).  You may also make a donation through the Paypal link below.  All donations will go into our general fund.  If you would like to specify a specific use for your donation, please include this in the 'Add special instructions to the seller:' box before you complete the transaction. You may also send us an email. Click on Contact.








Become a Member


Another way to support Kam Wah Chung is to become a member of the Friends.  Annual memberships begin May 1st, our opening day of the season.  Your annual membership provides us with a stable financial resource to promote our mission. We send renewal reminders through the U.S. mail on April 1st.


Click on Membership Form to print out, complete and pay by check through the U.S. mail.  You may also click on Online Membership to pay for your membership with a credit card through Paypal.





Matching Research Grants


We frequently apply for grants from many private and public sources.  Many of these grants require matching funds.  You may specify your contribution to be used for a specific grant.  For example, we are currently working on several grants; one for translation work, another for historical preservation of the items in the museum.





Memorial Bequests


Donations may also be made in the memory of someone with a special interest in Kam Wah Chung.  Bequests may also be a part of a will.  A recent example of this type of bequest financed the first printing of our newest book, On the Shelves of Kam Wah Chung, which you can purchase at the gift shop and see a sample at the Gift shop page.





To contact us about making a donation to the Friends of Kam Wah Chung, please click on Contact.








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