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A gift shop is located in the interpretive center.  Here you may find some Chinese treasures.  Read books about immigrant hardships and triumphs.  Learn to do your math on an abacus instead of a calculator.  Find jewelry carved of jade, the precious stone of emperors.


There are games for children and Mahjong for all ages.  Take home a Kam Wah Chung t-shirt or hat. You may also find your very own Chinese tea cup.


The song of China calls sweetly.  Can you hear it?






Here are some of the books in the gift shop specifically about Kam Wah Chung:



On The Shelves of Kam Wah Chung


On the Shelves of Kam Wah Chung provides a virtual tour of Doc Hay’s and Lung On’s former home and office.  Beautiful pictures and succinct captions serve as a great reminder of the tour you just took, answer the questions you forgot to ask, or provide a way to share the tour with family and friends later. The pictures capture the wonderful blend of small town western and Chinese culture, food, and supplies.  With flash photography prohibited inside Kam Wah Chung, this book makes it possible to examine the inside of the home and office at your leisure.


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China Doctor of John Day


Written by Jeffrey Barlow and Christine Richardson, this history of Ing Hay, Lung On and the Chinese  community of John Day provides a detailed picture of frontier life in the American West.  Through the lives of these two immigrants, we learn about the cultural roots of this region and the contributions made by the Chinese community. Herein lie stories of the healing found in the  apothecary with an eminent herbalist, Doc Hay. We also learn about  business development in the region by a premier entrepreneur, Lung On. This is also a story of two very different cultures and how they learned to live together.


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 Anecdotes & Antidotes


During her 25 years as curator of Kam Wah Chung, Carolyn Micnhimer collected bits and pieces of information from visitors to the museum and published them in Anecdotes & Antidotes.  From stories about Doc Hay’s many successful treatments of patients to descriptions of Lung On’s car dealership these snippets paint an informal picture of the pair and the community they lived in.


The effect is like sitting around with neighbors swapping stories about the old days and the Chinese men who grew to belong. What did people think of Doc Hay? What was it like to be treated by him? What did those herbs taste like?—awful according to numerous accounts. Put it all together and you get a portrait of an enormously talented healer and his charming business partner who won over the hearts and minds of their adopted community one patient, one client, at a time.


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There are also DVDs and an audio CD available in the gift shop.  You may view samples of these on the Video Page & the Audio Page.




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