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Do not leave John Day without a visit to Kam Wah Chung!!! This is a little hidden treasure time capsule. An actual glimpse into the lives of Chinese emigrants from the late 1880s. A unique merchant and herbal healer's residence, doctor's office and store. Everything is exactly as the day they left the place. I could have spent 2 hours easy but the tour lasted less than an hour. Bring your camera but no flash photography. I would suggest visiting the visitor center first. Plan on spending 30-45 minutes reading about the men and their house. You will get to know them before the tour.

I loved this tour and will most definitely stop in if I am ever in John Day again.

Visited October 2015





This is a must if you're interested in history -- a fascinating look at the contributions of Chinese to Western U.S. history. This store and living quarters were preserved almost by accident and were left untouched for decades. When interested folk opened the doors, they found everything intact, just as it had been left when the last person passed away. The museum adds to the tour, and we highly recommend both.

Visited September 2015






另一房間設有兩張雙層的碌架床,想來是給疲憊的旅客用的。床榻周沿貼上十八張廣告,上有男大衣、男西裝和女裝的款式,並用英文寫著They are all one price(男女同價)。在廚房裡,燻黑的牆壁,燒柴的爐灶,有著木蓋子的大鐵鑊,杯碟盤碗,瓦罐銅壺,筷子、菜刀、坎具,一應俱全。令人想起這就是伍大夫煮草藥給病人飲用的工具。旁邊有一張老舊的木桌子,橫放著幾本簿子,其中一本寫著「歷年存各客賬部」,旁有毛筆、墨硯等文房用具,想來這就是無數離鄉背井,又不識字的華工來找梁先生寄錢回鄉和寫家書的桌子吧!另一邊的長木桌,放著研藥用的盅子、小槌子。看到了這一切,體會到那些年在異鄉謀生,言語不通,又飽受歧視的日子裡,金華昌如何凝聚華人,成了一個同聲同氣、相濡以沫的重要地方。




在回程的車子上,眾人默然無聲。我凝視遠處山坡上的滾草(Tumbling Weed),枯黃乾澀,灰灰濛濛,這兒是高原地帶,土地貧瘠,滾草秋季時莖在近地面折斷,隨風滾動,到了那裡,便長在那裡,其堅強的生命韌力,令人驚歎。寂寂無聞的金華昌博物館正給我同樣的感動。






They touched many lives. One of the most unusual museums I have ever seen. I appreciate the intimacy of viewing the stuff of these men's lives without it being encased or cordoned off. Thank you for this honest portrayal of important people who are so often overlooked or forgotten.

Visited August 2015






the staff was very friendly, we arrived 10min late and they were happy to give us the last tour of the day. we are so happy that we saw this place, an authentic history of Chinese-American frozen in the time that you can't see anywhere else. being a Chinese I was so touched by this place and the work people did to keep it - thank you for preserving the history !!  just wish that they would advertise more because this place does worth a visit!







It is fascinating, captivating. Nothing is staged, it's the real deal.  That is why this place is a real treasure and most certainly should be seen and appreciated.   Good for older kids, not the very young. No touchee.






Kam Wah Chung State Heritage Site在19世紀末美國淘金熱,兩個奮不顧身想要體驗美國夢的兩位華人 Ing Hay與Lung On來到了John Day (聽說當時的John Day可是最大的中國城之一)。Ing Hay是位仁心仁術的中醫,Lung On為典型生意人的料。Y妹聽到這樣的組合實在大驚。個性在兩端的人一起成為了夥伴。他們合資買下了John Day的原本的交易站,轉成中藥雜貨店。淘金熱吸引了不少中國移民,他們也從最剛開始的中藥雜貨店托展生意到民宿客棧,賭場等。

這個雜貨店在John Day聲名大噪,連白人都來給Ing把脈看病吃中藥。也順理成章的成為了華人的聚集地。當時因為大量亞洲人移民,美國實施了排華政策,只有可以提供苦力的男人可以來到美國工作。許多人當是只好忍痛的離開自己的家庭,到美國來賺苦力錢。


Lung On在1940年因病,就往生在這棟建築物裡。而Ing因為某次摔角受傷,被轉到Portland(波特蘭)的療養中心,於1948年往生。1970年時由Oregon州政府接手,現在為Oregon重要的人文博物館。所有在建築物裡面的東西都保持原樣。


為了給予家庭更好的生活,為了追求更好的人生,許多人奮不顧身意無反顧的單身前往到美國追求著美國夢。離別或許不再相見。19世紀末在Oregon的華人曾經輝煌,John Day也曾經佈滿著華人的身影。排華政策實施後輝煌不再,留給現在的我們只是許多的想像空間。進去了建築物,時間停止在那一段光陰,兩位個性截然不同的人相處的大半輩子。滿滿的雜貨囤貨象徵著生意興榮,滿架的中藥與記帳簿說明著救人為醫生之本,金錢為身外之物。現在Y妹則身為海外的華人為驕傲。






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