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We Love Our Volunteers!


Over the years, so many people have contributed their time, money and energy to the restoration and preservation of Kam Wah Chung.  Heartfelt appreciation & gratitude to each and every one.


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A Special Tribute to Carolyn Micnhimer



Many people have contributed to making the Kam Wah Chung Museum what it is today.  Carolyn Micnhimer stands out as a shining role model for all of us.


Carolyn curated the museum for 25 years, starting in 1980, dedicating her time and energy to bringing forth the history of KWC and the lives of Ing Hay, Lung On and the Chinese immigrant community in Eastern Oregon.


Her hour long tour and storytelling became an institution in this region, children and adults recalling years later the joy and inspiration she shared with everyone who walked in the door.  She undertook her own research into the origins and history of the various artifacts, also collecting stories from visitors and locals who were treated by Doc Hay.


Carolyn Micnhimer was one of several key individuals to guide Kam Wah Chung's development from a small, local, unknown museum to the state heritage site that it is today. She was the right person at the right time in the right place.   She had the spirit, enthusiasm and energy to match what Ing Hay and Lung On brought to Eastern Oregon.


About Carolyn:


Your dedication to the unique historical treasure that the Kam Wah Chung museum captures exemplifies the best of what Oregonians have to offer: creativity, resourcefulness and commitment to community.  It is because of you that a remarkable Oregon treasure was saved.


~ Ted Kulongoski, Oregon Governor, 2004




I was fortunate to be “trained” by Carolyn Micnhimer as a tour guide and enjoyed sharing the museum’s history with others.  Her influence and love of Kam Wah Chung continue to shine in the work the board does today.


~ Leslie Traylor, board member




Over the years, students on field trips have relished tours of Kam Wah Chung, commenting that they learned something new on every tour. Carolyn’s unique storytelling style brought Doc Hay and Lung On’s story alive for students and adults alike.


~ Adele Cerny, retired teacher




In her tour, Carolyn talked about the spirits of Doc Hay and Lung On lingering at Kam Wah Chung.  I feel her spirit here, too.


~ Kyle Cline, Chinese herbalist




Carolyn’s passion for Kam Wah Chung was instrumental in promoting the Kam Wah Chung Historical Site to Oregon and the world.  She sought out and recorded many stores told about Kam Wah Chung.  Because of her we now have a rich history of the building and the men who lived there.


~ Christy Sweet, museum curator





Carolyn died in 2013, leaving us a priceless legacy.  In her honor, the Friends of Kam Wah Chung give the Carolyn Micnhimer Award to a person who provides distinguished service to the museum.  The following individuals have received this honor:


2004    Carolyn Micnhimer

2005    Gordon Glass

2006    Anita Lanning

2008    Claudia Naibert

2009    Lorene Allen

2101    Mary Oberst

2013    Alice Shawn

2014    Karin Barntish

2015    Kathy Smith

2016    Jeanne Day

                           2017    Kyle Cline









Carolyn's book, Anecdotes & Antidotes and a DVD of her tour are available in the Gift Shop at the Interpretive Center.  There are links to samples from this book on the Gift Shop Page. There is a sample from her tour on DVD on the Video Page.












Ken Bremner Memorial


A long time friend and Kam Wah Chung supporter passed away in December, 2016. Ken Bremner worked with the City of John Day and, in the mid-1970's, was one of the first people to explore behind the doors that had been locked since 1950.


During those early years Ken was a constant advocate for preserving the rich heritage represented by KWC.  When Carolyn Micnhimer became the curator, Ken was always there to help her with details large and small. Carolyn was the person people saw when they walked through the door; Ken was always there behind the scenes.


Ken played a vital role when KWC transitioned from the City of John Day to a state heritage site with the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department. He became a valued member of the Friends of KWC and held various positions on the board. His input and ideas were highly respected.





Ken was a tremendous wealth of knowledge when it came to KWC. I had the opportunity to work with Ken during the transition of KWC becoming an Oregon Parks and Recreation Department Heritage Site. Ken’s recollection of the building infrastructure and being involved in the first restoration phase that occurred in 1976 was considerably valuable when the second phase was completed in 2005. Ken was a board member of the KWC friends group for a number of years and will truly be missed.


~Dennis Bradley, OPRD Regional Manager



Ken Bremner was a “gem” in everything he took to task, whether his job with the city for so many years, his role as a father, his volunteer interests or just being a neighbor and friend.  I knew him for almost 40 years and he will be greatly missed in all of those capacities.


~ Leslie Traylor, former board member




Kam Wah Chung would not be the wonderful historical resource that it is had Ken Bremner not been involved from the start.


~ Kyle Cline, Chinese herbalist





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