Letter from the President

Dear Friends of Kam Wah Chung,

Kam Wah Chung Museum is attracting media attention far and wide! In the last year, two documentary crews filmed at the museum, one for the Chinese version of the Discovery Channel, and the other for the American Discovery Channel.  Locally, the Grant County Chamber of Commerce has reported that there has been a sizeable increase in hits from China on their website in the last two years. As a result, the Chamber of Commerce has established a sister city relationship with Ha-Pen, a village in Sijiuzhen, the home province of Doc Hay and Lung On. We anticipate a significant rise in tourist visits as a result of the increased interest.

Other exciting news includes imminent plans by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department to acquire the city park adjacent to the museum to build a new, larger interpretive center that will be able to accommodate the increased visitation, as well as a future outdoor exhibit explaining the history of Chinese mining and the Chinese settlement. As part of our mission to ‘inform and educate future generations about the importance of the Chinese immigrants’, the Friends purchased a hydraulic monitor that was used in mining to be a key part of this exhibit.

Last June, our 140th Celebration Dinner was a great success. Former First Lady Mary Oberst and Dr. Eric Brand, an expert in Chinese herbal medicines, were guests of honor. Both spoke about the importance of preserving and protecting the unique history of Kam Wah Chung. The Lion Dance was performed by the Portland Lee’s Association Dragon & Lion Dance Team at the dinner and in the ’62 Days parade, much to the delight of the community. Just in time for the event, a new sign featuring Chinese symbols of a tiger and dragon was erected on Main Street. Jerry Franklin, former Chamber of Commerce president, led this amazing community effort to design and install the eye-catching sign.

Our annual business meeting and a dessert reception is planned for Wednesday, June 19th, 2019 at 6:30 pm at the Interpretive Center. We will review the year and discuss our plans for the future. Dennis Bradley, OPRD Park Manager, will be our speaker. He will update us on future plans for the museum. You are welcome to attend, meet the board of directors, and give your input! If you plan to join us, please contact us at friendskwc@gmail.com.

Our website is continuing to draw great interest as well as donations. You can also renew your membership on the website. A card with the address is included in this letter. Please check it out at www.FriendsofKamWahChung.com  and please post it to your social media to share with friends. The website includes historical information and photos, video and audio clips, and hundreds of photos of documents, letters and artifacts.  It is an excellent reference for information before and after touring the museum and interpretive center.

The local newspaper, The Blue Mountain Eagle, has featured Kam Wah Chung in many articles over the years. Read the articles at www.bluemountaineagle.com by clicking on the menu at the upper left corner of the banner to search.

Our mission is to preserve and protect the museum and to educate and inform future generations about the importance of the Chinese immigrants who helped define the culture and history of the American West. Please join us in this mission and consider becoming a member at the levels of annual membership listed below.

Additional tax deductible donations can be made for specific projects such as the translation project, interpretive items, or publishing books. Our pictorial book, On the Shelves of Kam Wah Chung, continues to be a popular item in our gift store. This summer, we will also be offering postcards of the photographs taken by Tom Adams, the author and photographer.

It is our pleasure and honor to continue the preservation of this historic site and educate the public about it. Your ongoing interest and support in preserving and promoting the unique cultural heritage of the Kam Wah Chung Museum makes it possible. Thank you!


Adele Cerny, President

Friends of Kam Wah Chung Museum

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