• May 15

    The Premier of the 360° Tour of Kam Wah Chung State Heritage Site

    Our new 360 Tour of Kam Wah Chung State is now here!

    Here is the link to our new, temporary 360 Tour of Kam Wah Chung State Heritage Site!

    The goal the 360o Tour of Kam Wah Chung State Heritage Site is to share the history of this unique site in eastern Oregon.  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our site is closed to the public indefinitely until the situation passes.  As the museum curator for Kam Wah Chung, I still want you and the public to experience our world-unique site, even if we are currently closed.  The 360o Tour will give you the opportunity to tour and experience the historic Kam Wah Chung building from anywhere in the world.

    Oregon State Parks is also working on a professional level of the tour using Virtual Reality or VR.  Once the project is completed, you will be able to interact with objects, view more stories, and have a life like interaction of a real Kam Wah Chung tour.  So, until then, come on in and visit Kam Wah Chung using this 360o experience!

  • November 1

    New Kam Wah Chung Medical Archives webpage at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine

    The Oregon College of Oriental Medicine Releases their new webpage Kam Wah Chung Medical Archives this fall in 2020!

    The public and researchers and view Doc Hay’s medical formulas and the herbs he used.  Currently only about 10% of the collection is translated and available for view, but we are slowly adding more as time and staffing allow.

    Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM)

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  • May 1 - October 31
    9:00 AM

    2021 Season

    The 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic forced Kam Wah Chung State Heritage to close to the public for the entire 2020 season.  Unfortunately, due to the continued concern of the health and safety of our visitors, Kam Wah Chung State Heritage Site will remain CLOSED until further notice through 2021.

    However, there is a chance we MIGHT open the visitor center late in the season.  So keep checking back often for (hopefully) positive updates.  In the mean time, head over to our VR page for a virtual tour of Kam Wah Chung!

    Kam Wah Chung Visitor Center

  • February 4
    5 pm - 7 pm

    Uncovering an Oregon Treasure: Kam Wah Chung.

    Presented by the Oregon Association of Acupuncturists (OAA), Dr. Beth Howlett and Dr. Eric Brand will highlight the incredible information they rediscovered from the Kam Wah Chung Collection on an upcoming webinar.

    Dr. Beth Howlett conducted her capstone research on the Kam Wah Chung collection, and she possesses an intimate knowledge of its history and collection. Her work was instrumental in securing a grant from the State Library of Oregon and the Institute of Museum and Library Services to promote further research into the collection, resulting in an open online database that allows scholars to access its treasures in digital form. Beth was interviewed as a subject matter expert for documentaries on Kam Wah Chung by the Discovery Channel and the upcoming Chinese TV show “Bencao Without Borders.” In this webinar, she will share gems from her research along with an introduction to the newly launched online database.

    In the second segment of the webinar, Eric Brand will share photographs from the Kam Wah Chung collection for a deep look at the historical situation on selected individual herbs. Based on evidence from the Kam Wah Chung collection, we can see that many of the same issues we see on the herbal market today were also relevant for Chinese herbalists practicing in America a century ago.  We will investigate examples from the collection that demonstrate timeless details of herbal identification, processing, and quality assessment that remain important in the clinic today.

    For more information, please link over to the OOA website below.



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