• February 1

    Kam Wah Chung Online Archives

    Kam Wah Chung Online Archives are now online!  Since 2007, we have working to permanently archive and digitize our document collection of nearly 20,000 documents, about 25% of which are in historic Cantonese.  As of January 2023, we now can share what we have to the world!   Through Preservica (preservica.com), Kam Wah Chung and Oregon State Parks have uploaded the bulk of the Kam Wah Chung Archives onto a permanent archival network that has multiple redundant servers for long term storage of our archives.  This is still a work in progress, and a number of our large oversized documents still need scanning and uploading.  Instructions for how to view and search the archive materials are within the website itself.  It is our intent that we can now share our unique collection with the world, and in the process gain assistance in helping to translate our historic Chinese collection.  Researchers and translators can upload their translations into the corresponding folder without harming the existing documents, whereby we can proof the translations through multiple translators for the most accurate information the documents can provide.  We will continue to upload items as often as we can, while at the same time update our information and understanding of the Chinese Experience related to Kam Wah Chung as more of our documents are translated.  Click the link at the beginning of the paragraph and enjoy learning (and revealing) our history!


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