Lung On (Liang Guanying), known locally as Leon, immigrated from Guangdong in southern China. 

Born in 1863, he was well-educated, being fluent in both English and Chinese. Before leaving China, he had been married and left behind a wife and daughter; however, he would never see his family again.  After coming to the United States, Lung On partnered with Doc Hay, an herbalist. Together, the two men purchased Kam Wah Chung in John Day, as well as a mercantile in Baker City, Oregon.  Lung On also was involved in numerous other businesses as owner or co-owner, owned land and mining claims throughout Oregon and Washington, owned rental properties, owned race horses, and was an astute gambler. Lung On also started the first automobile dealership in Eastern Oregon in John Day, where his employees were non-Chinese.

Lung On came from a prosperous Chinese family, was an educated Chinese classicist, and his fluency in Chinese and English made him invaluable to both the Chinese in John Day and the non-Chinese who contracted labor and traded with the store. He served as interpreter and translator, scribe, and business mentor for the Chinese in John Day.  He ran the business side of Kam Wah Chung, so he was also charging fees for all of his services, including writing letters home for other Chinese. He was noted for his conviviality, his knowledge, and his love of games of chance, including horse racing.