In fact, Kam Wah Chung is the only location in North America that holds this type of collection. 

Unique environmental conditions, relatively pest free, the undisturbed nature of the building, and Doc Hay’s and Lung On’s organization and not throwing things away has led to prime conditions for the long term stability of the herbs, ingredients, and paper records found in the historic building.

There are about 500 medicinal ingredients in the Kam Wah Chung collection.  Items include herbs, minerals, insects, and various animal parts, all of which Doc Hay used in his formulas depending on what was ailing you.  Of the 500 ingredients, we have about 263 identified thus far.  This is one of our continuing projects here on site.

There are 1,540 prescriptions & formulas written in a cursive, classical Chinese writing style, all by brush.  Typically, traditional Chinese medicine herbal doctors use about 15 to 20 ingredients for a prescription.  Doc Hay had formulas that used upwards of 89 or 93 ingredients!  This is one of the more unique research questions Chinese medical researchers are anxious to explore, for they have never seen formulas using these many ingredients.