An abundance of artifacts, documents, and associated information makes Kam Wah Chung a prime location and topic for research. 

Chinese and non-Chinese research is available here, for the historic building not only holds Chinese documents and artifacts, but historic non-Chinese items and documents as well.  Researchers interested in Chinese can study a multitude of topics including but not limited to Chinese culture, Chinese adaptation to western culture, traditional Chinese medicine, non-traditional Chinese medicine, DNA or genetic research, divination and religion, Chinese secret societies, Chinese commerce, and other specific ideas.  Non-Chinese researchers can study commerce patterns, how the Chinese were influenced or influenced by non-Chinese, sales and advertising techniques by different companies, chronological dating of various items, DNA or genetic research on a variety of items, or dozens of other topics.  The sky is the limit when it comes to the research potential of the Kam Wah Chung collections. 


Our current ongoing research