Other Oregon State Parks:

Clyde Holliday State Park Website – 8 miles west of KWC

A great place to stay!  Lots of trees, a river walk to the fishing pond, and beautiful in the fall!

Bates State Park Website – 30 miles east of KWC

Want a more private and primitive camping experience?  Visit Bates State Park.  Formally a logging mill town, very little of the town exists today.  Great place to camp if you do not need power hookups or sewer.  But it is quiet and not many users.  Good fishing there.

Sumpter Valley Website -56 miles east of KWC

Friends of the Sumpter Valley Dredge

You must check this place out!  A very large gold dredge still floats on the water here.  This three level dredge was recently refurbished, it does not operate, but you can take guided or unguided tours through the main level, then hike the trails, and then pan for gold at their panning stations.